Neuro-Oncology Center of Excellence

Providing Excellent Care for Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is a relatively rare form of cancer and also one of the most complex to manage. A critical part of brain tumor management is selecting a team to provide a definitive diagnosis and develop a personalized treatment plan. Selecting a neurosurgical oncologist and neuro-oncologist with experience diagnosing and treating central nervous system tumors is critical to ensure that all the most up-to-date information and latest techniques are part of your options.

The Capital Health Approach to Brain Cancer

At the Center for Neuro-Oncology, we offer diagnosis and treatment for primary tumors (benign and malignant) and metastatic tumors, with treatment plans tailored to the individual patient.

Our neuro-oncology care is provided by some of the country’s most experienced specialists who were recruited from large academic institutions, including neurosurgeon Dr. Navid Redjal. Patients are treated by a team that includes neurosurgery, radiation oncology, pathology, nursing, rehabilitation therapy, dietary and social work, along with many others who work with our patients using a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach.

Our team includes specialists with expertise in both surgical as well as non-surgical treatment options. These can include traditional and minimally invasive surgical techniques, non-invasive radiosurgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

We are also active in research with a focus on providing patients with access to both national trials and trials unique to Capital Health. Our research focus includes trials involving immunotherapy and the direct intra-arterial infusion of chemotherapy into tumors.

For convenience, our outpatient clinic is multidisciplinary with all the key specialists together in one place.